Wholesaling Real Estate – Becoming A Real Estate Middleman – Part 2

In the first part of the real estate middleman series we went over the major benefits to being a real estate middleman. In part 2 of the series I am going to cover the basic differences between a real estate middleman and a typical house flipper.

For quite a while now “flipping real estate” has been a major source for American entertainment, as well as the American dream. All of the cable TV shows made flipping real estate appear so easy. I know from experience that when I tell people that I flip houses about 50% tell me that they were thinking about doing that too. The problem is that most of the nation is heading into a real estate slump. Michigan has been in a real estate slump for a very long time so I am fairly used to dealing with slow real estate sales. In just the first 3 months of this year I cleared over $100,000 flipping homes. I do not say this to impress you, I say this to “impress upon you” that money can be made even in the slowest markets.

Outside of flipping homes, I have made a lot of money this year as a real estate middleman. As our real estate market continues to slow, more and more of my business is coming from my profits of being a real estate middleman. Flipping properties the traditional way involves buying a piece of real estate below market value and then fixing it back up to sell for profit. This is great as long as the housing prices in your area are not plummeting while you are making repairs. But, as you know housing prices have been plummeting in many areas of our country, which is hanging the high profit house flippers out to dry.

Real estate middlemen on the other hand have been continuing to profit regardless of market conditions. Easy profits are still available for the middlemen because they do not buy any homes that are not already sold. You see, as a real estate middleman I do not need to deal with the worries of a traditional property flipper, because I do not repair properties. I just find great deals on real estate, then find buyers who want great deals, and connect the dots for profit.

Eric Medemar is a Realtor/Real Estate Investor out of Grand Rapids, MI. Eric currently owns 35+ rental properties, and is the creator of The Ultimate Real Estate Wholesaling [http://www.Ultimatewholesalingsystem.com] System the course that allows you to duplicate his exact real estate middleman success system. You can view Eric’s Blog at Free Guide To Real Estate Wholesaling also, be sure to check out Erics Ultimate Real Estate Bird Dog System. This system teaches you how to “earn while you learn” real estate investing. klimt cairnhill

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