Why Cybersecurity Is Important to Businesses and Governments

With data growth accelerating to an expected 200 zettabytes in 2025, cybersecurity is a top priority for businesses and governments around the world. With that comes the need to protect this data from attackers seeking to profit, sow disruption and erode customer trust and confidence. Those seeking to thwart such attacks are called cybersecurity professionals, and their jobs can be fascinating, challenging and rewarding.

Whether it’s defending a website running in the cloud or protecting a pacemaker for an elderly patient, each technology or device offers a unique puzzle that security professionals need to tackle. The types of attack vary, too. Hackers could seek to gain access to your personal financial or medical records for money (confidentiality), alter your bank account information so that you can’t get paid (integrity) or prevent your ability to use the computer you need to work (availability).

In addition, bad actors may be motivated by revenge, a desire to sow confusion, frustration or discontent and even a desire to publicly embarrass organizations they target. Some of these attacks are carried out by nation-states while others are launched by anonymous groups, such as hacktivists.

Cybersecurity also aims to reduce the risk of such attacks by implementing policies that include regular data backups, using multi-factor authentication and installing firewalls and antivirus software. Moreover, incorporating cybersecurity into business strategies helps ensure the continuity of operations in case of a breach. Moreover, it gives employees the peace of mind that they’re working in an industry where they’re protected against cyberattacks. SOC

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