Willys-Overland Engines Jeep CJ-2A 1946 – Boyer Fire Mechanical assembly Jeep J-140

My advantage in Jeeps began back when I was in secondary school, in the mid 1970s. A school pal of mine, named Jim Little (who is as yet a companion of mine today) had a 1953 Willys Jeep CJ-3A in his loved ones. It was utilized fundamentally up at their cabin in the Laurentians, north of Montreal, Quebec. As was commonplace, it was a utility vehicle, used to: pull group cutters to cut the yard; pull cut wood for the chimney; convey tree decorations to the manure heap; and so on. Other than having more extensive and gentler tires than the first tires, it was a unique Jeep, genuine and without significant changes, from what I recall.

I habitually visited Jim’s cabin and became familiar with the effortful tasks expected to keep up with such an enormous bungalow property. The Jeep was associated with most undertakings around the cabin and it generally appeared to run with next to no issues. Getting to utilize the Jeep casually was the best time notwithstanding.

There was a fairway that ran at the edge of Jim’s family property. At sunset Jim would provoke his sibling and I to drive the Jeep through the course, vaulting the sand traps and blowing through the rivers. The main rule they specified was to: “Remain off the greens!!” Jim’s whole family were brilliant golf players, so I was rarely certain on the off chance that the standard was to forestall being recognized by the unmistakable tire markings, or to guarantee that they may as yet anticipate an extraordinary round of golf the following morning. To my memory, nobody was each gotten with the Jeep on the green.

Close to the house, there were likewise loads of back roads and trails into the forest, which were amusing to investigate. I was in wonderment of how stable this vehicle was. We confided in it to climb practically any lofty height, resolute by rocks, roots or fallen trees portable fire pump. This Jeep appeared to appreciate enduring rutted and boggy lush regions or rough spring beds. The recollections of lighthearted and crazy times with Jim’s family Jeep are about young undertakings and warm Canadian summers. Today, 40+ years and an age later, a similar Jeep is as yet being utilized to keep up with Jim’s family cabin property.

Around five years in the wake of reestablishing and selling a 1972 BMW 2002tii, I got the tingle to search out another vehicle project. Since the 1953 Jeep CJ-3A had such affectionate recollections for me, I started discussions with my companion Jim, to check whether he might want to sell me his family Jeep, to use as a rebuilding project. At first, he thought about it, yet in the long run, my uplifted interest in his Jeep appeared to animate his contemplations of keeping it and maybe some time or another finishing his own rebuilding project.

Thus, with an emphasis on post-war Jeeps, in April of 2017, I started a quest for my own one of a kind “gem waiting to be discovered” style Jeep. From the beginning, I associated with a retired person, right beyond Ottawa, Ontario, who was a gatherer of Jeeps. He had something like 35 of them, and Jeep parts as well, a significant number of which were military. In my underlying phone discussions with him, I let him in on that I was searching for a non-military or regular citizen Jeep. Luckily for me, he said that he had a couple and that he needed to dispose of them. He started sending me photos of the non military personnel Jeeps that he had. It created the impression that he could well have something that would match my rules.

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