YouTube Traffic Made Simple For Video Marketers

When it comes to video marketing most marketers fall at the first stage, to create an effective video. Too many videos are laden with affiliate links or blatant promotions that simply do not provide value to the viewer. So the first step is to create content rich videos and package them correctly.

Of course we would all like to produce Hollywood type style videos, but we often lack the skill or resources to do so. There are sites like Animoto that will help even the newbie video marketers to create professional looking videos very quickly and easily.

However, the paid option of Animoto is required if you wish to use your videos for commercial purposes. The next step is to advertise your site in the video content, but not blatantly, as this is off-putting to the viewer. A simple 20 second frame at then end of your video showing your website address is more than enough, and by using a 20 second frame, you also delay related videos showing up on YouTube and taking viewers away from your video.

The next quick traffic tip is to simply add your website address directly into your video description, if you use the full URL ie. http:// www then the link will also be clickable or live. The video description is shown immediately underneath the video so it gives your website link high exposure to viewers.

The final traffic tip I will share is video commenting.

For this method you simply find related niche videos and add a video comment.

YouTube gives you the option to use one of your previously uploaded videos as a comment, and if the owner of the original video has agreed to allow video comments, your video will appear below it. This can syphon some free traffic from viewers watching the original video.

So now that you know you can advertise your website address in your video content, in the description and gain further exposure from video comments it’s time to create some super cool videos!

If you create valuable and useful videos you increase the possibility of your videos going viral which means huge amounts of traffic, so get your thinking cap on and get creative.

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